Daring House

We are a film, animation and video company from Berlin. Our productions range from documentaries, to animation films and videos for cultural and private outlets. The Daring House projects are developed in-house from creation to post-production.


The Last Days of Tacheles - Honorable Mention

- International Berlin Film Awards - 2014


The Ballad of the Homeless - Best Animated Short

- LA Short Fest - Oscar Qualifier - 2016


People of Love and Rage - Best International Documentary Feature

- DocFeed Eindhoven - 2017


People of Love and Rage - Special Prize of the Jury

- Rome Independent Film Festival - 2016






Daring House offers production organization services in Berlin and Germany, ranging from location management, to line production and logistics. We rely on a 20 year experience with primary global companies and can take care of all your needs.


Sky Arte, Mediaset, RBB, El Paìs, Ballandi Multimedia, La7, Cinecittà Cinema School


For more information please  visit our Cinema & TV Services page or drop us an email at [email protected]

  1. Founding

    Daring House is founded in Berlin

    In 2013 Daring House is founded in Berlin with the original project of creating documentary films and providing video services for TVs. The first production, The Last Days of Tacheles, receives awards worldwide. The company starts operating for primary media outlets.

  2. Animation Success

    the Ballad of the Homeless

    IN 2015 Daring House started expanding in animations and its first production, “The Ballad of the Homeless”, received the highest Italian film critics award, a “Silver Ribbon”; was a finalist at the Italian Oscars, “Davide di Donatello”, and won the LA Short Fest, being shortlisted for the Academy Awards

  3. Theater and prizes

    Opera productions

    In 2016 Daring House entered the Opera and started developing productions such as the scenography for “Turco in Italia” for the Lombardy Opera Circuit, considered one of the best Italian productions of the year. The documentary “The Last Days of Tacheles” wins the DocFeed Film Festival and the Rome Independent Film Festival.

  4. Videoinstallations

    Telling the tale of an Italian town

    In this year Daring House concentrated on the development of a permanent video-installation for the City of Perugia, “Perugia Folgora”, and on the creation of videos for the Cinecittà permanent exhibition. The company also became certified supplier for Sky Arte and Mediaset.

  5. Opera Experimentation

    Aida in Full Immersion

    Together with Associazione Opera Morlacchi, Daring House is developing a full 360° of the Aida by Giuseppe Verdi, with digital scenes screened also on the opera boxes.

Daring House

A Berlin Based Company

Dr. Stefano Casertano

CEO & Founder

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