We are shaking the opera world through a new way of intending opera concerts: virtual set design covering all the theater, from the stage, to the proscenium and the opera boxes

Explore our scenography project for Morlacchi Opera Theater of Perugia, in Italy. The production is "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi, an opera that provides incredible inspiration for spectacular settings - ancient Egypt, war, parades and dances.

Daring House digital scenography production for "Turco in Italia" by Gioacchino Rossini, staged at Pavia Opera Theater in November 2016, has been chosen as one of the best opera concerts of the year

See how Daring House scenographies animate and come to life - reviewers defined them an expression of "scenographic genius".

And we also brought elephants to the Italian countryside

For the promotion of the Aida production in Perugia we've been asked to realize a presentation with some interviews and a bunch of landscapes shots of the town.

We refused.

We thought that there was only one way to impact the viewer and "bring younger people to the opera": we rocked it up!

A new experience for historical Italian opera theaters

To celebrate the reopening of Teatro Pavone in Perugia, we created 15 digital scenographies to comment arias from the Italian and Russian repertoire.
The technique was based on a two-layered projection with a traditional and a semi-transparent screen, creating a virtual immersive experience inspiring for both the audience and the performers. In this video, Russia's First Channel visits the production on May 9th, 2016.

Daring House scenes for cinema

Daring House has been been working for the Wachowski sisters (the makers of Matrix) in the ambitious "Cloud Atlas" production, praised by Rolling Stone's critic Peter Travers for its "spectacular settings and visionary designs".