People of love and rage (2016)

"Gente di Amore e Rabbia", Documentary, Ger/Ita, 2016, 88', B/W
Directed by Stefano Casertano
Produced by Antonio Padovani and Monica Manganelli
With its 1km in length, Corviale is the largest residential building in Europe, hosting around 10,000 people. Massimo, a strong-willed former inmate, teams up with his childhood friend Alessandro, an independent artist, to create a cultural association and give a chance to the youngsters in the area.
WINNER: DocFeed - Best International Documentary Feature. Special Mention of the Jury at Rome Independent Film Festival. Official selection at Broadway International Film Festival, Venice Film Week, Cordoba Film Festival, Near Nazareth Film Festival, Peloponnisus Film Festival, Martinique Film Festival. More info...

The Ballad of the Homeless (2015)

"La Ballata dei Senzatetto", Animated short, Ita/Ger, 2015, 8', Col
Directed by Monica Manganelli
Executive Producer Stefano Casertano
Distributed by New Europe Film Sales
How can a community reemerge after a devastating earthquake? This whimsical animated tribute by Emilia born Monica Manganelli is a magical travel in melancholy and dream, reminiscent of Italian arts and the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling.

Winner of the LA Short Fest (Oscar qualifier) and screened at Cannes Film Festival. Finalist at Davide di Donatello and winner of a Nastro d'Argento. More info...

Belluscone - Why Italians love Berlusconi (2015)

"Belluscone - Una storia siciliana", Documentary, Ita, 2015, 90', B/W
Directed by Franco Maresco
Produced by Rean Mazzone - Ila Palma Cinematografica
Distributed by Daring House
A documentary at the limits exploring the irrational - or somehow too rational - love of Italians for Berlusconi. In Palermo, a manager of local folk singers shows his life of petty mafia connections, "friends of friends" and, of course, devotion to Mr Berlusconi. Cinematography by star DOP Luca Bigazzi.
Winner of Davide di Donatello 2015 for best Italian documentary and of the Orizzonti prize at Venice Film Festival

There Was Once a Sea (2015)

Documentary, Ger/Isr, 2015, 86', Col
Directed by Stefano Casertano
Executive producer Antonio Padovani

The Dead Sea: a salt lake of thousands color hidden in the desert between Israel and Jordan, at the lowest point on Earth (-422 mt). This natural gem is due to disappear because of resource exploitation by man. "There was once a sea" is a journey in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and its people - in its last generation of existence.

Screened at the official competition of the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival and the Matsalu Natural Film Festival

The Last Days of Tacheles (2014)

Documentary, Ger, 2014, 86', Col
Written and directed by Stefano Casertano
Distributed by Nomadenkino
Tacheles Art-house, the most prominent symbol of Berlin's indie culture of the 1990s, is about to be shut down after 23 years. The last survivors squat in the backyard trying to resist. Artist Arda knows that his fate is signed, yet he refuses any money offer to vacate the premises and engages in a romantic battle with his companions Angelo, Graziano, Blacco and many others. Distribution by Nomadenkino

Selected for the official competition of the Rome Independent Film Festival and the Salento International Film Festival, and "honorable mention" at the International Berlin Film Awards